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Optimize & Expand

From speeding up new acquisitions with aggressive terms, to funding renovations and improvements, to recapitalizing on completed projects, optimizing for cash flow and yields on long term holds, we’re the lending partner to grow with.

Flexible Terms
Flexible Terms

Customized loan terms to fit your needs and goals.

Low Documentation
Low Documentation

Streamlined loan processing, with no personal income verification.

Fast Approvals
Fast Approvals

Approvals in 1 business day, and closings in 5-14 days.

Flexible Rental Loan Terms

Choose the investment property loan terms that are right for your goals and timelines.


Adjustable Rate


Adjustable Rate


Fixed Rate

Loans Designed

For Savvy Real Estate Investors

Purchase, refinance or cash out and recapitalize.

  • Low interest rates

  • Entity borrowers

  • Single and multifamily property loans


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